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What is Joos Energy?

A rapidly absorbed form of caffeine in a convenient effervescent tab. Our patented caffeine blend gives you all of the upside of caffeine without the caffeine crash! Each pack gives you Energy, Focus, Motivation, and Clarity for more than 8 hours.

When should I use Joos Energy?

Use Joos Energy whenever you need the extra kick, whether it be:

  • at work,

  • at school,

  • driving or commuting,

  • gaming into the night,

  • exercising or playing sports,

  • crypto or stock trading at strange hours.

Why is Joos Energy better than other caffeine supplements?

Normal caffeine products are absorbed via your stomach, which leaves your brain with less caffeine in slower time.  Joos energy is rapidly absorbed on the top of your tongue and transports directly into the bloodstream and then into the brain.

What’s in the Joos Energy tabs?

Joos energy doesn’t have unnecessary chemicals and nasty additives like energy drinks. It’s good clean energy with around 35mg of our propriety caffeine, 77mg of Taurine, 112mg of Vitamin C, and small amounts of some other non-active ingredients.

How do I use Joos Energy?

Place 1-2 tabs on the top of your tongue, let it dissolve, and feel the energy boost! Don’t swallow it, dissolve it in water or feed it to your dog.

How many tabs can I take?

The recommended serving is 1-2 tabs within a 2-hour period, and up to 8 tabs per day. However, if you know your caffeine tolerance is higher then you should be able to enjoy up to a maximum of 2 packs per 24-hours (but don’t forget to sleep!).

How long before I feel the energy boost?

It should only take 5-10 minutes before you feel some benefit. This compares to energy drinks and coffee, which absorb around 5 times slower and are impacted by having food in your stomach.

How many hours of energy do I get out of Joos?

There is 8+ hours of Energy in each pack!

Do I put the tab in water and drink it?

No, please don’t. The tabs have been designed to dissolve in your mouth on the top of your tongue to allow faster absorption into your body and brain to help you get your energy boost faster.

What happens if I just swallow or chew the tablets?

Absorption through your stomach takes too long and can sometimes take over 30 minutes before you can feel the energy. The fastest way to get your energy boost is to place the tabs on the top of your tongue and let them dissolve.

How much caffeine is in Joos Energy?

The caffeine in two tabs of Joos Energy is equivalent to approximately a cup of coffee or a regular energy drink can. And unlike drinks, Joos Energy allows you to better control how much caffeine you get by reducing or increasing how many tabs you have.

Is Joos Energy legal in amateur, college, semi-pro, and professional sports?

Absolutely! Caffeine, Taurine (an amino acid), and Vitamin C products are approved and widely used in sports.

Are Joos Energy tabs vegan-friendly?

Yes, Joos Energy tabs are vegan-friendly!

Are there limits on who should use Joos Energy?

Joos Energy contains caffeine, so it is not recommended for children, pregnant women, or for people who are very sensitive to caffeine. If you are taking any prescription medication or have any medical conditions, always consult your health care provider or pharmacist before taking vitamins or supplements.

Where do you ship to and how much does it cost?

We are currently only shipping within the United States. We are adding additional territories and shipping options as quickly as possible. Shipping is currently free for purchases of 24 packs or more, within the United States.

What if I need to change my order?

Give us your order details via the Get In Touch form on our website, and we’ll help you update your order details.

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